FirePro® aerosol fire suppression

FirePro is the leading specialist for fire prevention and extinguishing systems, with many years of experience in this field. The company specialises in engineering innovative systems in response to new trends and market developments.

To date, no regulations have been established in law regarding safe storage and handling of lithium batteries. However, FirePro understands the hazards and actively works against them. The fire prevention system has been subjected to preventive testing – and, in cooperation with certification body KIWA, has been officially approved.

Our smart fire-resistant cabinet
The lithium-ion fire prevention and extinguisher system designed by FirePro Belgium ( works with condensed aerosol technology. Before we explain how this unique technology works, we need to understand something about how traditional extinguishers work.

A traditional sprinkler system uses water. However, on a lithium-ion fire, water simply acts as an accelerator, with explosive consequences. Water can also cause considerable lasting damage to stored lithium-ion material and this level of damage is simply unnecessary.

FirePro avoids these problems with its unique aerosol extinguishing system: instead of releasing water, the system releases a gas formed of various elements.

A fire is a rapid succession of chemical and physical reactions between atoms and molecules (free radicals).

When the aerosol developed by FirePro is released during a fire, it prevents the free radicals from being able to bind together – and does so very quickly. The system ensures that acids and fuels cannot mix.

This prevents the fire from spreading, prevents toxic lithium-ion gases from forming, and prevents the risk of explosions.

Since a lithium-ion fire will typically spread very fast, the FirePro extinguishing technology includes a highly sensitive fire detection system. This activates the extinguishing system before the fire can grow out of control.

Our smart fire-resistant cabinet


Control unit


Forced ventilation


FirePro aerosol extinguishing system


Smoke detection & temperature monitoring


Mesh racks


Charging strips

 Intelligent fire-resistant cabinet

Benefits of FirePro for preventing lithium-ion fires:

Lithium Storage

Innovative and unique in its class

Lithium Storage

Highly effective

Lithium Storage

Minimises consequential damage

Lithium Storage

Not harmful to humans, the environment or the stored equipment

Lithium Storage

Highly certified

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