Safe charging, handling and storage of lithium batteries

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 Intelligent fire-resistant cabinet

The dangers of lithium-ion batteries

It’s impossible to imagine modern life without lithium batteries. This type of battery is more powerful and lasts longer than a traditional battery. You will find lithium batteries in all kinds of electrical equipment, from smartphones to e-bikes to cordless screwdrivers.

However, mechanical damage, electrical faults or exposure to high temperatures can cause these batteries to leak and create a risk of fire or explosion – and an explosion can cause a metal fire. These kinds of fires are very difficult to control with a standard fire extinguisher.
Compounding the hazards, toxic gases may be released.

All in all, fire safety is paramount when charging, handling and storing lithium batteries.

Lithium Storage – your safe solution

Lithium-ion batteries are associated with increased risks of fire and explosion. Lithium Storage offers a safe solution for charging, handling and storing lithium batteries.

Lithium Storage’s smart fire-resistant cabinets detect increases in temperature or smoke, and activate the FirePro extinguishing unit and alarm system. The FirePro aerosol acts rapidly to bring the fire under control. You can keep close track of the situation in the cabinet from wherever you are, via the alerts on the control unit and software.

Thanks to these primary safety measures, the consequences of a fire are kept to a minimum and safety is kept to a maximum.

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